Reebok x GirlGains Sweat in the City

Reebok x GirlGains Sweat in the City - GirlGains Event

Reebok x GirlGains Sweat in the City

Date: 26th June 2015, 3-5pm

Location: The Reebok Sports Club,Canary Wharf Group, 16-19 Canada Square, London E14 5ER

June 26th was the day of our first big event in collaboration with The Reebok Sports Club- Sweat in the City. Unfortunately due to a prior business commitment, Zanna wasn't able to attend. Tally and Vic worked extra hard and it still turned out to be an awesome event - even without our lanky blonde accomplice!

35 girls worked up a sweat during a workout lead by the 'Queen of HIIT' Tally. While the DJ blasted out some wicked tunes, keeping the girls motivated and creating an upbeat atmosphere. After this challenging session, the girls chilled out and listened to us talk about the #girlgains movement, our personal experiences and fitness tips. They also had the chance to ask questions and get advice regarding their own training, nutrition and life. They left with a goodie bag packed full of yummy treats to refuel on their way home.