Join Our Community:

So, how can you get involved in the community? It is so easy to become part of the movement. Here are the basics:

  1. Use the #girlgains hashtag on your posts and even pop it in the bio of your profile.
  2. Scroll through the #girlgains hashtag to find other women with similar interests. Start a conversation with them!
  3. Look out for upcoming #girlgains events. Come along, meet us and make friends!
  4. In everyday life, adopt the #girlgains mindset. Be friendly, be open and be positive. Smile at strangers. Give compliments. Encourage women and support them. 
  5. Tell your friends!

We are a movement created by women, for women, to empower women. We welcome anyone and everyone into the community, join us!

All Girlgainers:

The #GirlGains community is just that, a community. It is made up of thousands of women who are each inspiring in their own way. We would not have such an incredible community without you. We want to give you a platform to share your stories, knowledge and top tips. We want every single one of you to have the opportunity to inspire, motivate and educate other women. Right here on our website you can find other members of the #girlgains community sharing their expertise.

The Girls: