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Tally Rye

Hi I'm Tally, 

Thank you for visiting our site and becoming part of the GirlGains community. 

A little bit about myself: I am a 25 year old Personal Trainer and fitness Instructor based in London. I came from a background in Musical Theatre but in late 2014 I gave it up to persue my dream of sharing my passion for living a healthy lifestyle through training clients and teaching classes. 

I wasn't always active, and as a teenager I was not health conscious at all. I was a big fan of dessert and an even bigger fan of not doing very much. It wasn't until I started full-time vocational training in Musical Theatre in 2009 that I realised fitness would be a big factor of my day-to-day life and in order to succeed in the theatre world where Acting, Singing & Dancing all at the same time was the norm, I would have to change my attitude. 

After a tentative start I soon began to embrace the fitness aspect of my training. I started to hit the gym and pay closer attention to my nutrition due to suffering with digestive issues which were soon diagnosed as IBS. This led me to do lots of research and get creative in the kitchen so I was best fuelling my body (or at least I thought) for my very active lifestyle. However with exposure to the world of fitspo, this soon became an obsession and the daily use of myfitnesspal and macro counting led me down the path to a controlling relationship with food and exercise and consequently a shrinking physique - which I didn't want. All I ever wanted was to be healthy, not skinny. With the help of friends, I soon realised that I need to listen to MY body and focus on MY health as opposed to being influenced by other people I saw on social media. I made the conscious decision to delete myfitnesspal, put the food scales away and trust my intuition. 

Since then I have personally gone from strength to strength because that daily pressure was lifted. Fast forward to today and I have a great relationship with food, training and my body. It may be an old cliche but I truly believe that everything should be in moderation. That might mean I'm not the leanest bean, but I'll take memories over abs any day. 

The #GirlGains means so much to me because I believe it represents the journey. We all have one and by sharing our ups and downs we never know who we may help or inspire. It's a place for you to find motivation, to seek support and be inspired so you can become the best version of yourself. Let's grow together :). 

Tally xx

Training Style? 

I love weight training to sculpt my body. High Intensity Interval Training and Spin for sweat fest cardio. 

Favourite Exercise? 

Big fan of a Romanian Deadlift or Barbell Hip Thrusts for the booty gains. Secretly love to hate Bulgarian Spilt Squats.

Favourite Food?

Zoats, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate and Salmon. 

Biggest Inspiration? 

Zanna & Vicky, as they constantly push me to always be better in every aspect of life. 

Favourite GirlGains moment (so far)? 

So many amazing moments! Leading a class to 100 girls over the Summer with Reebok was incredible. But also, seeing Instagram posts from girls who have meet at our events and have now become good friends warms my heart as that is what it's all about.