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Victoria Spence

Hi, I'm Victoria.

I have been competitively involved in sport for as long as I can remember – I was a part of almost every sports/performance team throughout my school life. My strengths emerged in dance and athletics. During secondary school I was adamant I wanted to take dance up as a profession. I was selected for intensive tuition at the Centre for Advanced Training in Dance at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester and excelled in all genres. I went on to attend full time professional dance college. At 17 I was signed up to a commercial dance agency and featured in a Music videos, fashion shows and modelling alongside my training.

After 2 years of being hyper conscious of trying to achieve the perfect body visible every day to 50 mirrors and many judges, I began to create an unhealthy obsession towards food and exercise. I fell into the trap of weighing myself 3 times daily, exercising to rid myself of the guilt of eating and separating myself from any social events to avoid any chance of me 'ruining my progress'.   At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, and was forced to take time off college in order to recover. It took around half a year for me to accept that an eating disorder wasn't a way of life, I was to recover or to die. This was my turning point to begin my fight against the horrible illness. I began an Instagram account 'fightingfitvic' to document my recovery and before I knew I was inspiring girls all over to recover also, this motivated me even more.

My passion took a detour as I educated myself in the nutritional demands of the body and started to advise others about how to correctly fuel the body and train to create a beautiful feminine physique; I completed my Level 3 Personal Training Qualification and became a Personal Trainer in Cheshire, UK.

My love for performing on stage remained within me. I decided a new route to the stage through the fitness industry was to compete in a Bikini Body Contest. My Bikini debut was at the North West Qualifiers 2015, where I placed 1st with an invite to the British finals where I placed 5th. It was clear that the stage was my happy place!

Alongside My Personal Training and competing, I spend my time working on the #GirlGains movement. This allows me to share my passion for health and fitness with other fitness loving females, always pushing them to chase their goals. I strongly believe that a healthy mind is a happy mind, so I'm constantly encouraging females to focus on their own journeys ,have balance and unconditionally love themselves.

Lots of love,



Training Style?

Weight lifting.

Favourite exercise? 

I have a love/hate relationship with Bulgarian split squats...

Favourite Food?

I LOVE biscuits.

Biggest inspiration?

Obviously Zanna and Tally!

Favourite GirlGains moment so far?

It's hard to pick just one moment because every event gives me chills just thinking about how many girls are waking up to come and spend the day with us three. The aftermath of the events has to be my favourite. Scrolling through amazing posts from our fellow #GirlGainers , thanking us for inspiring and changing their outlook on themselves and the fitness industry.