Accept Your Limits.

Accept Your Limits - GirlGains Community

I had great plans for 2017. Enormous, exciting, crazy, great plans!

What I didn't plan when I 'planned' these adventures was the cost of them all - the physical, mental, time and literal monetary costs. I was so caught up in saying yes to more and more and more that I completely (and I do mean completely) neglected HOW I was going to do all of these amazing things. How would I train for all of these very different activities at the same time? How would I find the time around my job and trying to have some element of a social life? How would I afford all of this?!

Over the past few weeks, through illness, exhaustion and injury, I've come to the realisation that I'm not going to be able to do everything and it's been a difficult, bitter pill to swallow. But I've made myself swallow it and I feel infinitely better for accepting it.

I have limitations. And it that's OK.

I'll never say never to doing these adventures, but right now I literally can't handle everything in that grand crazy plan. Trying was making me miserable and ill and quite frankly, I couldn't enjoy the things I should have been enjoying because I was so preoccupied with worrying about the next thing I needed to be doing.

And so I just wanted to post a little reminder to you to absolutely shoot for the stars, but it's ok if you only make it to the moon right now. Accepting your limitations does not make you weak. It makes you self-aware and in a much better position to keep pushing those limitations little by little, day by day, with steady determination rather than biting off a chunk so big it gets hard to breathe.

Hannah x