Girl Gains X Reebok Summer Body Event

Girl Gains X Reebok Summer Body Event - GirlGains Event

Girl Gains X Reebok Summer Body Event

Date: 22nd August 2015, 10am-11:30am

Location: Reebok Club, 16-19 Canada Square, London E14 5ER

Our second event with Reebok Sports Club proved to be our biggest event to date. On one of the last days of gorgeous sunshine this Summer, we took over Canada Square in Canary Wharf for a Summer Body workout and GirlGains meet up. 

At 10am, the Live DJ was warming up and Canada Square was covered with yoga mats and towels in anticipation for the workout with us to begin. We got up on stage and took the girls through a 45 minute workout combining High Intensity Interval Training and Body sculpting moves. 

Once the workout was over we actively encouraged the girls to meet someone who they did not know! It's quite common that a lot of people come along on their own, and so we make it our personal mission to make sure they leave with new friends. 

Thanks to WheyHey! we got chatting and mingling whilst enjoying some delicious Protein Ice Cream. This was also a chance for many girls to meet fellow Instagrammers they had not yet met face to face, to get chatting about all things food and fitness and to come and ask us (Zanna, Tally & Vicky) more personal questions. 

This was such a fun event, I don't think Canary Wharf knew what had hit it!!