Foodie Feast Event

Foodie Feast Event - GirlGains Event

Foodie Feast Event

Date: 12th July 2015, 10:45-15:00

Location: WheyHey Offices, The Printworks, 139 Clapham Road SW9OHP

On July 12th 2015, we threw our first major event. The WheyHey team kindly allowed us transform their office space into an open space and we brought together 40 girls for a full day of #GirlGains fun!

The day started with a HIIT workout which pushed the girls to their absolute limits. Think burpees, tuck jumps and push ups galore! This was followed by some fitness competitions - the longest plank won a Lifebox full of healthy goodies and the most pushups in a row won a House of Summer bikini of their choice. I was blown away by the 4 minute 30 plank that Jess held to win the Lifebox and the 32 push ups Becky did to get the bikini - these girls are strong!

Then the "pamper hour" began. City Swish provided the girls with manicures and blow dries, Active in Style provided a huge pop-up shop with all their beautiful pieces, #girlgains temporary tattoos were applied and Healthy Selfie pictures were taken. This hour gave everyone a chance to chat and get to know each other; between pampering and shopping, the girls were lounging on the beanbags and sharing their stories and experiences. Before we knew it, it was lunchtime! Fresh Fitness Food provided us with a delicious spread of quinoa pots and freshly grilled chicken and veggie skewers as well as snack pots and treats! Everyone dug in, all that talking builds up an appetite!

After lunch we gave a talk about the #girlgains movement, how it came about, what it aims to do, and our future plans. We also spoke through each of our own personal stories. We were very honest and open, and a few tears were shed. Following this, the beautiful Chessie King joined us and acted as our interviewer. She asked us all the questions the attendees had presubmitted prior to the event. We discussed everything from cardio, to cheat meals, how to get abs and what supplements to take.

Before we knew it, the talk was over and we were handing out the goodie bags. They were cram packed with all our favourite brands! We got our final few photos all together, said our goodbyes and the event came to a close. It was so rewarding to see girls exchanging numbers and making plans to meet up following the event. True friendships had been formed, which is exactly what #girlgains is all about.