Ambassador Profile: Becky.

Ambassador Profile: Becky - GirlGains Community

I'm Becky, I live in South West London and my profession is Marketing, in particular Digital Marketing, so I look after the cool parts of marketing for brands social media channels, blogs, websites etc!

I consider myself to live a healthy lifestyle which for me is focusing on improving my health through fitness in the gym to get stronger through lifting, run farther or faster (I am partial to a half marathon, full marathon or 10k) & most recently improving my flexibility and mind through yoga. I used to think being healthy was a 6 pack, running myself silly in the gym and restricting food. I have beasted myself in the for years and under ate carbs like you would not believe. This took its toll on my body and with the help of others and a whole lot of mind set shift I have become a healthier and happier self.

The Girl Gains has played a key part in my fitness and health journey and what this movement stands for is everything that a lot of women are missing. Tally, Zanna & Vic bring to life the meaning of balance through social media which is so often tainted with abs & perfect bum cheeks which in my opinion dilutes what life is really about.

I am so excited to bepart of this positive movement & hope I can share my journey with you and have a whole lot of girly fun together