Amanda's Positivity Tips.

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5 Tips For A Positive Mindset

As you may know, the mindset is everything. The more positive you are, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Of course, changes don't happen overnight but you have to try your best every day to make them happen ! So here are a few tips that worked for me, so they may help you too.

Write it down !

  • Take a notebook
  • Date each page of the book
  • Choose your favorite quotes that inspire you most and write one of them on each page

Every day, right after waking up, write 5 things you're grateful for and read the quote of the day. You'll already feel motivated for the day because you'll force your mind to focus on the positive.

Every night before falling asleep, write 5 positive things that happened to you today. It could be cuddles with your cat or even someone that smiled at you.

Switch it up !

Instead of dragging yourself down with negative thoughts like « I can't do it », switch it up ! Turn every negative sentence into a positive one, because as Audrey Hepburn said « Everything is possible, the word impossible itself says it « I'm possible » »

Make them blush !

If everytime you come across a mirror the first thing that you see is your flaws, try to focus on part of your body you like and compliment yourself. Make yourself blush ! Then, if you like something about people around you, you should tell them. Not only will you make their day, but you'll feel good for hearing them say « thank you ».

Get your sweat on !

As you all know, your body releases endorphins after a workout which basically means you feel happier. If you feel like everything is falling apart, take a moment for yourself and squeeze in a good workout. It doesn't have to be 1 hour long, it could be only 15 minutes ; just enough to clear your mind and make you feel powerful for the rest of the day.

Breathe deep !

It may sound silly but meditation is a good way to unwind and put things into perspective. Indeed, we don't have all the time in the world so meditating shouldn't be inconvenient. My advice is to start with a 3 minute meditation every day. You should feel a little difference only one week after starting.

  • Sit cross-legged or lotus pose if you're flexible enough (do not try this pose after a leg workout...)
  • Put your wrists onto your knees
  • Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths (e.g. 1 in/1 out ; 2 in/ 2 out...)
  • Try to focus on how you feel and surrender.
  • Let go of any feeling that may not serve you and be mindful of each part of your body
  • Join your hands at heart center : inhale and exhale one last time.

Also, there's a ton of meditation guide on the web, so you should be able to meditate like a pro !

Remember that a positive life starts within yourself ; if you spread positive vibes around you, you'll make grow seeds of peace in your own life.