Ambassador Profile: Hannah.

Ambassador Profile: Hannah - GirlGains Community

Hi lovelies! My name is Hannah, I'm 24 and I have a bit of a thing for spinning and porridge (for obvious reasons, not at the same time.)

I've never been a conventional 'sporty girl' - my motto was long "built for comfort, not for speed", but about 6 months into my first year of university, I developed IBS and a lactose intolerance that hugely impacted my health, happiness and energy levels. As a result, I started having to carefully manage everything I ate just to make it through the day without pain or sickness; goodbye coffee! Goodbye alcohol! Goodbye fried foods, spicy foods and anything 'processed'! Basically, goodbye typical student diet.

Alongside this, I realised that exercise had disappeared off my radar after leaving school - partially due to general university antics and partially due to the sheer cost of the membership to the university gym. For obvious reasons, I gained weight (or "had more face" as I like to say). My solution was to start signing up to 'challenges' on a whim - a 10k; a mud run; my first half marathon. It turns out the my whims are quite regular and since then I've regularly pushed myself to learn new skills, challenge my own mentality of what I can do and raise some money for charity in the process.

Instagram has offered such an incredibly supportive and enthusiastic environment to grow this love of fitness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and no community has done so more than #GirlGains. From initially following and admiring Zanna, Tally and Vic on social media, to engaging with them at events and meeting so many like-minded ladies, #GirlGains has given me the confidence and offered me to opportunities to do things I used to think were just for 'those fitness people on Instagram'.

I could not be more proud or excited to become a #GirlGains ambassador, helping to support others in the same way and spread that love far and wide.

Feel free to come on over and say hi @yinandgin!

HP x