Amanda's #GirlGains Story.

Amanda's #GirlGains Story - GirlGains Community

Bonjour les filles !

My name is Amanda and I'm a seventeen french girl (you guessed it, right?) with a passion for fitness, well-being and nutrition. Being part of the #girlgains community, I thought I should share my story so you can know me a little bit more.

About three years ago, I was a typical teenager with an 'unhealthy' diet filled with loads of sugar and junk food, and my stomach wasn't so happy with it, so much that I had stomach ache every day because of the food I was eating. Moreover, my body became more woman-like and a few stretch marks showed up on my thighs, buttocks and breasts. From that moment on, I decided to go on a 'healthier' diet to drop two or three kilos. From week to week, I was getting leaner and happier (I thought).

After reaching the weight I wanted, I started counting calories to be sure not to gain those few kilos again. As a matter of fact, I started to eat a 1150 calorie diet and got obsessed with food. Every time I came across a mirror, I was checking my tummy to make sure it didn't get fat because of the last calorie I ate. In a nutshell, I was trapped by anorexia. Instead of losing 3 kilos, I actually lost 10. Not only did I lose weight, but I mainly lost my happiness.

In December 2013, I decided to be hospitalised for 5 days and they were the longest days of my entire life but also the most useful ones. I started my recovery around Christmas, stopped counting calories in April 2014 and never looked back. Little by little, I repeled this illness and started to get into fitness and healthy eating. I am now recovered, which means I am fit and happy thanks to a healthier lifestyle and a positive mindset ! I make sure to be active every day because it's good for mental and physical health.

When I look back on those dark years of my life, I realise how lucky I am to be alive, and healthy. I have bad days but I always keep in mind that the best is yet to come. The past three years were the worst ones of my entire life, but also the ones that taught me that my body needs to be cherished every day because this is the only place I have to live in this world. As they say 'Your body is your temple, so take care of it'.